I made a banner for the 100th Treacle Market…

I made a banner for the 100th Treacle Market. It’s not what I usually do art-wise, but I do do a lot of sewing and I love Treacle and I have a huge amount of love and respect for Jane Munro, the key player behind Treacle. I wanted to contribute something to the Treacle 100 love….

It went from this:

Treacle Market 100 sketches
Treacle Market 100 sketches

To (after about 40 hours of sewing, bodging, rewiring cat-chewed electricals, unpicking, resewing) this:

The Treacle Market 100 banner in action
The Treacle Market 100 banner in action

With a bit of this in between

Treacle market banner – sewing in progress

2 Replies to “I made a banner for the 100th Treacle Market…”

  1. Dear Victoria,

    Thankyou so much for sending me this news about your beautiful banner! Well done! It looks so professional and well designed.

    My sister is a great seamstress as well, and has made lots of banners for church, as well as banners for her son’s (he is a band teacher) school marching band.

    Have a wonderful Christmas, it was so nice to hear from you.

    Love, Jacque

    Jacque Pavlosky Askett house, Askett Bucks HP279LT 01844 345498 07711 582197 pavlosky@btinternet.com http://Www.jacquepavloskyglass.co.uk



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