Spoken / Unspoken

A contribution to Monika Auch’s wonderful Stitch Your Brain project – all about stitch, mindfulness and wellbeing. Spoken / Unspoken was shown with a selection of Stitched Brains at Gawthorpe Textiles Collection in Lancashire in 2015.

In a creative exploration of how our relationships and connections make up who we are, Victoria Scholes has represented just a few of her family using glass gems set into goldwork embroidery mounts and floating on a sea of grey ruffles.

In this piece, the artist echoes the lavish and slightly disturbing miniature jewels that were given and received by lovers in Regency times. You can see an example from the V&A’s collections here. These both advertised a liaison and kept a secret at the same time. A surreal gesture singing of a sometimes unspoken link between people.

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