Domestic Gospels

This series of glass and wood sculptures is inspired by a scene from the ‘Wizard of Oz’ where Dorothy, after all her technicolour adventures, goes back to her black and white (literally, film-wise) existence and announces that all her heart’s desires can be found in her own back yard.

In Domestic Gospels, Scholes creates beautiful and quirky glass art that reimagines some of the icons of the back yard into pieces that dream of a different reality.

Scholes’ trademark meticulous construction can be seen at its most impressive in these sculptures. Cut, kiln-formed and constructed glass sheet combine with enamel transfers, glass stringer and hand shaped wood to give pieces that are the epitomy of craftedness, slightly surreal and very beautiful.

Domestic Gospels was selected for the British Glass Biennale 2006, and has been shown extensively around the country.

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