In Flatpacked, Victoria Scholes demonstrates her craft in a beautifully constructed illusion. This wall mounted piece takes the form of a glass shape that is two dimensional, but as you observe the artwork, or walk past it, it pops out at you in full three dimensional glory.

Scan the embedded QR code and you are whisked away to another, digital place, and a poem that explores the creative and imaginative space that is bounded by the walls and planes of the flatpacked glass cube.

For a preview of the piece, you can scan the code directly from the image on this website (it takes you to my old blog, so remember to jump back here when you’ve finished!) Or scroll down to the bottom of this page to read the poem……..


An illusion. A box full of nothing. A flatpacked figment of the imagination

The straight lines of a pitch marked out to play. Or a stage, a scene, another world:

A wide plain, windblown, covered with clouds and cold.

An out of town industrial estate. Six O’clock and all still except for a red van and a single blackbird.

Or inside. Inside a room.

Inside a brick box from the nineteen seventies, a Victorian terrace or a neoclassical dream.

You choose.

A table, square to the door. A vase of wilted yellow daffodils. Or off-white roses in a metal jug.

Two chairs, pushed back. A cup of warm coffee, half drunk. A pen, a dirty ring binder, a shadowy cat.

A place of possibilities, impossibilities, tragedy or retreat. Or nothing much at all.

Close your eyes.

Breathe out.

And you’re back in the room.

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