The Swathe series explores the main themes in Victoria Scholes art; the tension between the things that define us and the need to seek transformation.

Laborious processes shape these glass and mixed media sculptures; cutting, arranging and constructing. But there are also elements that stray from the predicted path too – tufts of glass wander from the regimented rows, and reflections throw green fire back up out of the bucket in which cut elements lie in tangled confusion or sit in swirls like a crop disturbed and then flattened by the wind. As always, Scholes’ construction of glass and other materials shows her unlikely combination of a light touch with meticulous technique.

Swathe I and II were shown together at the British Glass Biennale 2010, alongside ‘Strange Music, Rough Magic’.

Titles: left to right, (top row) Swathe 3, Swathe 1, (bottom row) Swathe 2, Swathe 1 detail, Swathe 3 detail

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