I make weird things. Strange, occasionally hallucinatory, creations of glass and other media. They’re a starting point for conversations about the weird and wonderful, glass and glassiness, the power of the object to evoke a personal response and the tension between the things that define and shape us, and the need to escape those things.

Spoken / Unspoken – my family. A play on antique ‘Lovers Eye’ jewellery

My work is always meticulously crafted, and tends to provoke curiosity and an urge to reach out and touch. What I really want to do in creating these objects is to step for a moment into another reality, and by doing that to look back on the everyday one with new eyes.

I have exhibited nationally, including at the prestigious British Glass Biennale in Stourbridge, Broadfield House Glass Museum and in the Corning New Glass Review. See a selected list of exhibitions here.

Victoria Scholes working in the studio