Being on both side of the camera…. the making of new images for my Essex Crystals

Picture of a woman sat in a small white photo tent wearing jeans and a cream top and wearing a large cast glass, engraved and enamelled essex crystal brooch

So recent days found me in the garden inside my light tent (a small white tent shaped like a cube with an opening to stick your camera), covered in makeup, dressed up to the nines (from the waist up anyway) attempting to be on both sides of the camera at once. I am pleased with …

Goldfinches everywhere

goldfinch reverse intaglio in glass, painted and gilded on reverse

One of the joys of working at home is the immersive soundscape provided by garden birds. Blackbirds, pigeons, blue, great and long-tailed tits, starlings, sparrows and goldfinches all contribute to the cacophany that forms the backdrop to my work. And oh the goldfinches. According to the RSPB's Big Garden Birdwatch they have had a particularly …

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